Music Apps

I frequently search for music education apps and try them out.  Here are a few that I would recommend:
 This is my favorite app from learning notes.  You can practice your note reading and select which notes you want to drill.  It is a fast-paced, fun game.  This game only has notes in treble and bass clef, so it won't worry for violists.   
This is a fast-paced note-reading app for notes in treble or bass clef.  Nothing fancy...but good practice for note reading.
This is a fun app to learn about ensemble and is a fun, interactive way to create your own music choosing from the different sounds.
Right not, you can get the SmartMusic app for free!  This allows you to play with the SmartMusic technology and see how you can use this app as a great practice tool.  The free version only offers a few musical selections.  If you buy a SmartMusic subscription, you can have full access to their entire music library and the capability to use the app to submit playing test assignments. 
Sound Uncovered Exploratorium - free
This is a very fun and interesting interactive book app.  It includes some fun experiments about sound that are super fun and engaging.  And its free!  This is a great way to learn about sound in an interesting way.
ANYTUNE - free
This is a really promising app that allows you to upload music and then slow it down as much as you need so that you can practice with it at your own speed.  You can also work on small chunks of music at a time.  This app will take some time to learn how to use, but there are some free tutorials to get you started.
NOTEWORKS - free or 4.99 for full version
This is a fun note-reading game.  This game may also help with learning where notes are on the piano.  The good thing about this game is that it includes all clefs...including viola (alto) clef.  You must purchase the full version to access any clef besides treble clef.
This is a pretty good app for learning basic rhythm, counting accurately and keep a steady beat. 
This is another app for note-reading and note-naming.  Treble and bass clef options available.
This app is good for ear training.  It is kind of like playing the game 'Simon' where you have to remember the pitches you ear and play them back.